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Federal customs service

Customs administrations of Russia and Serbia have signed the documents in the field of law enforcement during air transportation

1 November 2019 09:07

Protocol on cooperation in the fight against crimes related to the movement of goods by air and Memorandum on anti-fraud cooperation between customs authorities at Sheremetyevo (Moscow) and Nikola Tesla (Belgrade) airports were signed by Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Vladimir Bulavin and Director of the Serbian Customs Administration of Ministry of Finance Milos Tomic.

The signing ceremony was held as part of the visit of the government delegation of the Russian Federation to Serbia in the presence of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Under the Protocol, the parties will regulate the information exchange with respect to the persons suspected of illegal movement of goods and drugs by air. This document will also allow creating channels for the timely exchange of confidential preventive information between the aviation customs of Russia and Serbia.

The memorandum establishes the authority for cooperation between the aviation customs of Sheremetyevo and Nikola Tesla airports to suppress smuggling and counterfeit channels, illegal movement of cash and other financial means, jewelry and sanctioned products.

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